25 Beautiful Photos That Will make you cry

25 Beautiful Photos That Will make you cry-:  These all shows that Humanity is still existing. Million words pictures.. humanity is still alive

#1 Two Norwegian guys rescue a sheep drowning in the ocean.

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#2 New York City hairstylist gives free cuts to the homeless on Sundays.


#3 Officer talked down suicidal man.

8 years later, the now father of two presents the officer with an award at the National Suicide Prevention convention.4-587x1024

#4 Workers dress as superheros to cheer up kids at the Children’s Hospital


#5 Every evening, he takes his dog to the lake to help sooth the older pup’s arthritis


#6 The basketball team who signed a 4-yr-old with Leukemia for a day.



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#8 This amazing kid.

The six-year-old that raised one million dollars for his best friend with a rare liver disorder. He wrote a book about his buddy and sold 50,000 copies at $20 dollars each.


#9 Woman with Down Syndrome being treated as an equal.

She comes into the tattoo shop every week to have her artist stick a temporary tattoo to her arm. He does it for her dutifully every week, gloves and all.


#10 Precious, thankful girl that loves her dog.


#11 Woman who kept homeless man dry during a downpour.


#12 The Michigan soccer team that gave their manager with Down Syndrome a starting spot in the big game.


#13 She wolf protecting her partners neck from attack.

Male wolves never attack females and she knows it. The savvy she-wolf is protecting her mate’s neck from the aggressor coming at them




#15 Kind hearted grandma warming this soldier’s ears.


#16 There’s nothing like a mother’s love.


#17 Well worn marble steps leading to top of the Leaning Tower of Piza.


#18 South Koreans see family for the first time in 50 years.

South Koreans say goodbye after getting a three-day visa to North Korea to visit family they hadn’t seen since 1953


#19 Sweet freedom.


#20 This 6-month-old tiger cub was set free in South Africa after being left an orphan by poachers.


#21 Little boy growing up an amputee. 

This little boy ran out in traffic to save a puppy who’d been hit by a car.


#22 It’s never too late to have a little fun!


#23 Life support.

Hospital workers form a human chain to carry fuel up 13 flights of stairs to the backup generator at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.


#24 The police officer that bought shoes for a homeless man in Time Square.


#25 The end of one life and the beginning of another. 


source: http://www.inspiremore.com/

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