Can You Tell How Many Horses Are There?

Horses are among the most attractive and royal animals on earth. Most of the time, people find it really interesting to see horses interact with art.

We, would like to present to you this pair of disconcerting paintings, and we want you to tell us how many horses you can find in each painting.

This wonderful painting is called “Pintos” by artist Bev Doolittle in 1975. Bev and her husband traveled all the way through the Southwest of the United States when they encountered a small herd of chestnut horses. This has triggered him to paint the “Pintos.”

Now, can you spot how many horses are there in the painting?

If you have finalized your answer, here is the solution.

When observed closely, you can see five horses. There are three adult horses assembled together in the center. On the left side, you can see another horse looking afar the herd. Lastly, a small horse is positioned toward the lower right corner.

Moreover, some people could “see” more horses in the painting, but many would disagree.

There are people claiming that there is another horse concealed in the back of the pack. Usually, they would say that they can see a more abstract horse in the rocky ridge behind the herd.

If the horses in ‘Pintos’ isn’t enough for you, here’s another puzzling optical illusion.

This painting was entitled “Seen Horses” and was created by Jim Warren. It is really stunning and it has a colorful scene that is set on a fantastic beach.

With the title of the piece, we already know how many horses are concealed in this painting. But then, there is a trick!

The first four horses can be easily noticed as they appear quite clearly throughout the scene.

The fifth horse can be seen in the negative space in the middle of the vegetation and the sky in the upper right corner.

Meanwhile, the sixth horse is even more abstract as it is concealed, headfirst, in the fall of the purple flowers, to the right. You better go through the scene to find it!

But then, where is the seventh horse? Artist Jim Warren recommended looking at the arena …

Correct! The hoof prints in the sand are said to be from the seventh horse! Though it’s off stage, the prints are still visible on the painting.

So, have you managed to find all the horses? If yes, congratulations! You are one of those who are very observant and keen persons!

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