These 21 Illustrations Will Make You Miss Your School Days & Give You Nostalgic Memories

It is impossible for me to forget my school days and I can proudly say that those were indeed the best days of my life. Some time when you sit quietly and think of school days, some Awesome memories would pop up instantly and would bring a smile to your face, isn’t it?

We all go to school and learn, go to college and work hard to achieve a good education; but we also owe a lot to our school! I am sure you will agree with me that those were the best day of our lives; no matter how old you get, just the mention of school would give you good and Awesome memories.

being a student, we disliked to go to school and now, we badly miss it! just think how you used to hate to get up early mornings and get ready for your institution? This daily routine of our life continued for 12 long years and now, we recognise  the worth of it.

down are 24 illustrations which will flesh memories of all the fun you had in school;

We can’t forget this break-time fun!

school days

What a proud moment!


When teacher would select you for rubbing the board!

Colored dress on birthday!

school life

Checking nails!

Remember this fold?

Maths was never your friend!

This middle-sheet had always been a savoir for your friend!

That honer to be the class monitor!

These 21 Illustrations Will Make You Miss Your School Days



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