21 Most Common Etiquette Mistakes To Avoid

Some time we make mistakes just because we did not focus on things that needed a little bit of thinking. These mistakes are made due to haste we created by our self. Here we have gathered 21 the most common  Common Etiquette Mistakes that you need to Avoid.

Here we being the list, this will help you in your daily life.

How to enter  your child’s bedroom
etiquette mistakes

How to address a teenager you meet for the first time.

etiquette mistakes

Using a shopping bag as a handbag


Talking in public places


Phone call when on a date

etiquette mistakes

invited for dinner

etiquette mistakes

Best way to site,  when wearing pants

etiquette mistakes

makeup in public

etiquette mistakes

What needs to be done with hat, entering a house .


what to wear when you are at home.


Showing affection and love


Drying your umbrella


How to place cutlery on the plate when you are done eating.

etiquette mistakes

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