20 Things To Do At a Sleepover With These Easy-peasy Tips

Stay up all night, enjoy and have fun!

0. Perform This DIY .Mix up some glow in the dark bubbles

glow and dark bubbles

Instructions at Growing a Jeweled Rose.


1. The Art To Transferom Your room into a cozy fort.

sleepover ideas

2. What about makking  easy DIY pup tents


Instructions HERE.


3 Play The Dream House Game With Kids

dream house game

4. Visit to nearest lake Take your dog with you and hang out.



5. Best time to call the guy  you’re crushing on.

sleepover ideas for girls

6. Blind MAkovers

Blindmakeover sleepover ideas

7. Make a plan to Ride your bikes to home of some  friends  just to say hi and make their night!

meet your friends


8. Make Some of These glitter balloons

sleepover ideas with ballons

Instructions HERE!


10. Prank Calls

what to do when you are bored


11.Set up eye mask customization stations


Instructions HERE.


12. Pillow fight

Pillow fight


13.Questions Ball Choose the option closest to your chest after catching

sleepover ideas with ball

14. Pajama Contest

pajama contest

15. Watch funny videos online

funny videos online

15. Play Twister with a messy twist!

Play Twister with a messy twist!

16.Personalize pillow cases


17. Make these simple ribbon wands


18. Watch/Make vines

19. Do each others nails

20. Make hilarious videos


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