17 Fascinating Photos of Food Products Under the Microscope Like You’ve Never Seen Them

We are unaware of the things that we cannot see with our naked eyes. If you use the electron microscope you would come to know that their are a lot more then what we just see with our naked eyes. This min-world hidden has it own mysteries. So here we have gathered some of the images that will give you an idea about this magical world hidden from us.

Lets look at some of these image and enjoy how  perfectly they designed and made by the nature.

A sugar crystal

© Nancy Nehring / Gettyimages.com

A salt crystal© kasjauns

The tail of a shrimp© radikal

Broccoli© kasjauns

Granulated instant coffee

© pinimg

A roasted coffee bean© kasjauns

A grain of wheat© kasjauns

A strawberry

Any strawberry (and, in fact, almost any fruit whatsoever) will actually have fruit mites on it

A sesame seed© kasjauns

Black pepper© kasjauns

A red grape© kasjauns

Sugar© kasjauns

A tomato© kasjauns

Cauliflower© kasjauns

Saffron© kasjauns

Star anise© kasjauns


© bevshots

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