12 Mistakes Men Make In Bed According To Women

8.Forcing likes and dislikes

No woman likes when guys force their likes and dislike on her. Your favorite position might be uncomfortable for her. So understand and don’t force her if she doesn’t like it.


9. A man’s part is different from a woman’s

A man and woman are different and have different bodies and needs. And they need to be treated differently else it’s just uncomfortable.


10.When they want to try too many things together

Yes, a woman does love an adventurous side in guys but when it gets too much, it’s not at all fun and just exhausting.


11.Not focusing on the foreplay

Although having a quickie is fun from time to time but you should always dedicate some time for proper foreplay. It should include everything that your woman loves.


12.Not taking the lead

Most women love when their partners take leads while making out. And more if she’s the one who’s dominating. Although from time to time, each woman will want to take a lead but this should not become the norm. It is a man’s role to take a dominant role during the love making.

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