12 Mistakes Men Make In Bed According To Women

Men think that they are the best stallion while making out but they need to accept that they make certain mistakes in bed. Often we women are blamed for being complicated and not easy to understand. And men hate when they’re unable to understand us and they are not able to please their woman. There is no better way to improve your making out skills than to learn from your mistakes and those of other men.

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Women share some mistakes that guys make in bed and I bet you’ll at least relate to some of them!

1.When they get hasty

Women simply hate when their man gets a bit hasty with them. They obviously love excitement but it’s frustrating when they don’t understand her needs.

2.When they’re too quiet

Most of the women like it when guys are a little loud in bed. And they like it when they make the right amount of noise.


3.Awkward undressing skills

A woman hates when the man doesn’t know how to set up the mood and has poor skills, it just turns them off. We agree that some pieces of female clothing are often testing the abilities, while others present plenty of opportunities to even spice things up.

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