Which Of These Four Friends Will Be The First To Have An Accident? Your Answer Says A Lot About Your Personality

This time you’ll have to imagine a short story while looking at the following photo. In it you can see a group of friends saying goodbye without looking where they’re walking. One of them is about to have an accident because they aren’t looking where they’re going.

Who do you think is the person about to have an accident?

Your answer will reveal some unknown traits about your subconscious.

*There’s no exact science. Only you can tell if the result matches your choice.

 Which Of These Four Friends Will Be The First To Have An Accident? Your Answer Says A Lot About Your Personality


You’re a person who is in touch with your emotions. You like honesty and your energy shines. You know how to identify your emotions and generally share them with somebody close to you. You’re empathetic with others and that makes others like being around you. Your friends trust you with their secrets because you give great support. You’re a very good leader. People admire you. Your lucky charms are: Red roses, spring time and your cell phone.

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You’re very observant and a realist. You don’t tend to speculate. You deal with problems and don’t let them snowball. You don’t like having a complicated partner. You value simplicity in people and in life. A tranquil, peaceful life is what makes you happy. Stress is your Achilles heel. Thanks to the realism with which you approach everything, people turn to you for advice. You could be a good writer or poet. Your lucky charms are: Beauty salons, swimming and the Fall.

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You don’t like to leave anything half-finished. Whatever you start, you always finish. You feel comfortable with simple things. Some think you have a hidden genius. You know how to solve problems and help others solve theirs with wisdom. You could become a great politician or work in a position with a lot of responsibilities. You know how to console those going through a bad time. It’s easy for you to put yourself in another person’s shoes. Your lucky charms are: Football, summer and brainteasers.

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You come up with ideas that others would never think of. You have a unique style and love a challenge. If you are involved in an artistic and creative field you could be very successful. You would make an excellent musician. You would never betray yourself for no good reason. You hate trends. Your lucky charms are: Feathers, winter and red things.

What do you think? Do you agree?

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