15 Things that should not be Refrigerated

We often tend to store almost all the food items in the refrigerator. Every one of us has a tendency to store things in the refrigerator which we want to preserve for a longer time. It is a belief that anything we keep in the refrigerator does not go bad. But it is time to change your thoughts related to refrigeration and know 15 things that should not be refrigerated.

There are certain food items, a flavour which changes their texture when stored in the refrigerator. Among the list of these 15 things which you should never store in the refrigerator, some can even get spoil faster when you store them in the refrigerator.

Check out the list of items storing which in a refrigerator is not a good idea. 

1. Tomatoes– You might feel that tomatoes look fresh when stored in the refrigerator. So, you should always go for it. But actually, it is not good to store tomatoes in the refrigerator. As per the university of Florida- the flavour of tomatoes is a result of interaction between acids, sugars and multiple volatile compounds. When the tomatoes are stored in refrigerator these compounds fall below the odor threshold. This reaction changes the flavour and texture of tomatoes.

2. Honey When you use honey on your bread or consume it with water you might observed that it is very much free flowing. Well, if you store honey in the fridge it will crystallize and become thick very fast. Thus, it is suggested to store honey at room temperature.

3. Garlic There are two reasons why you should not store garlic in the refrigerator. It will sprout and grow mold on it. Also, if you kept garlic open in your fridge then your refrigerator will start smelling really bad.

4. Coffee Many people store coffee in the fridge to avoid lump formation in it. But, you are actually losing the bold flavour of your coffee when stored in the refrigerator. It also makes your fridge odor bad.

5. Bread It is good to consume bread when it is fresh. The old bread catches odor quickly. When stored in the fridge the bread will get dry and hard. If you still want to store the bread in the fridge then, at least, wrap it in a paper bag and cover it with cloth towel to retain moisture in it.

Rustic bread

6. Hot sauce It also tends to get thicker in the fridge. You can actually store it in the cabinet for 3 years. So, go for it!

7. Onions It gets mushy and moldy when stored in the refrigerator. It turns bad quickly and hence recommended to store at room temperature.

8. Fresh herbs like Basil- People always like to store the medicinal herbs in the fridge. But it becomes wilt and it also absorbs the odor of other stuff stored in the fridge.

9. Melons- A chilled piece of melon is always fun to eat. However, the antioxidants in melons which are very beneficial for our body get lost somewhere in your fridge. So, don’t store melons in the fridge, enjoy it fresh.

10. Potatoes- The compounds in potatoes are likely to interact with each other when stored at low temperature. This changes its flavour and turns it bad quickly. Potatoes often get dried out and gritty when stored in the fridge.

11. Olive oil- The olive oil becomes condensed and turn harder when it is stored in the fridge. It gets the better like consistency if you store it in the fridge. So, check for a dark and cool place in your cabinet to store olive oil.

12. Squash- The free flowing nature of squash get lost in the fridge. It becomes hard and sometimes does not come out of the bottle. So, it is better to store squash at room temperature.

13. Nail polish- It becomes very hard and dry out. It lose the sticky nature and go bad quickly when stored in a fridge.

14. Hard liquor- You can store hard liquor in your cabinet. Always store it at room temperature.

15. Batteries- You will watch the diminish performance of batteries when stored in extremely cold temperature. So, don’t go for it.

This information will be definitely helpful for you to keep your food item safe without storing it in the fridge. Pass on the information to your friends and family members. source: letsgohealthy.net images source: freepik.com


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