15+ Most Difficult Riddle & Puzzle That Will Amuse You

Here are 15 riddles videos that we have mode so far on our youtube channel with name OddMeNot. If you are looking for some amazing riddles that will make your mind to start working at high speed, Then you have come to the jungle of riddles.  Not only we have a category specially dedicated to riddles but we have videos that will keep you entertained you . Lets jump into the videos.

We started making Riddle videos in the mid of September 2018. Till now we have made more then dozen videos on sharp mind riddles that include would you rather riddles, crime riddles, common sense riddles and many other categories that you can think of .

Here we have displayed some of our videos that you should watch. If you like these videos you can follow us on our Youtube channel to watch more videos related to riddles , fun and superheros especially Marvel and DC.

Would you rather riddle by OddMeNot 

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