Albert Einstein’s inventions, theorems, research, and studies are what we generally heard of. We never think and even assume that the genius could have a love story and that too an interesting and adorable one. Yes, young Einstein was in deep love with a girl named Mileva.

Both realized their love for each other by exchanging love letters. They did it for years and also collected those letters which hold the memories of the time they spent before the wedding, being in a long distance relationship.

Einstein and Mileva didn’t hide their extremely adorable conversation they used to have through love letters. It’s been decorated in the attic of memories, and right here on Sir Albert Einstein’s death anniversary, we are presenting those love letters written by him which shows the romantic side of this genius man.

An interesting love story.

The father of physics also knew the equation of love which was as clear as E = mc2.

Young Einstein used to write love letters to a girl named Mileva; he fell in love with during his studies.

This is what he wrote about his mother’s reaction on Mileva’s photograph

Einstein loved to share everything with his girl; she was intellectual and had dualism of both beauty with brains.

He excitingly wanted to pen down more of his feeling but ended up with a little.


They had started calling each other by their pet names; Albert was ‘Johnnie’ and Mileva was ‘Dollie.

Here is a letter of Albert to Mileva addressing DD (Dear Dollie)

This is what Einstein sent when Mileva asked his shoe size to knit the booties for him.

Young Einstein’s mother termed their relationship- ‘The Dollie Affair’.

Dollie wrote and sent a playful poem to her Johnnie.

It was when Johnnie struggled for togetherness.

They finally got married on January 1903.

Einstein then used to write letters to his daughter and son to inspire them and keep them motivated.

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