13 Secret Things That Everyone Of Us Does But Hide From Others

Sometimes we do things which each one of us does but are not conscious of that. The motive for this is that nobody shows about it because these are either wrong or embarrassing. Though we’ve made a custom of those things so that they are nearly uncontrollable. A few of the things perhaps embarrassing and a few are simply not the appropriate things to do. After you’ll read the record of key things everybody does you’ll laugh out loud.

Oddmenot bring you 13 Secret Things That Every one Of Us Does But Hide From Others!

1. Peeing In Shower.

2. Stalking On Social Media.

3. Peeling And Licking The Dry Lips On Regular Basis.

4. Pretending To Be Using The Mobile Phone Just To Avoid Conversation With Others.

5. Narrating False Stories.

6. Practicing Poses In Mirror For Hours.

7. Sneaking At A Friend’s Medicine Cabinet.

8. Practicing An Important Conversation In Front Of A Mirror.

9. Reading Someone’s Conversation When He/She Is Texting.

10. Carrying Snacks And Other Stuff Into The Theater.

11. Wearing The Same Clothes For Days.

12. Returning A Purchased Book After Reading.

13. Pretending To Be Busy While Watching Movies.

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