Your Sitting Position Can Tell A Lot About Your Personality

You may not know it yet, but the way you sit can be a reflection of your most dominant traits. Learn more about it here!

Find out your personality:

Find out your personality:

Ankles Crossed

This is a display of simplicity and elegance. You are also a down-to-earth person despite being regal-like.

Find out your personality:

B-1. Cross-Legged

You are a carefree and open person. It also shows that you are emotionally flexible and open to new ideas.

B-2. Legs Crossed and Bouncing

You are organized in every aspect; you are very keen on detail and you are always on time (if not, early).

Find out your personality:

C – Dead Center

You are an extremely confident person. People seem to enjoy being around you, thus you earn a lot of friends.

D – Straight with Good Posture

You are confident and reliable. People also approach you in times of need. You are not necessarily uptight, but you have your moments.

Find out your personality:

E – Sidesaddle

You are a delicate and thoughtful person. This sitting position also tells that you are somewhat flirtatious.

Here are the other mannerisms which you may not have noticed.


This sitting position tells that you are analytical; you observe the situation first before acting on in. You are also very sensitive towards other people’s feelings.

Clutching Armrests

If you often clutch the armrests, it means that you are a sensitive person. You are also a steady and grounded person.

Arms Crossed

This indicates that you are strong and confident. You rarely get your guard down and you are very protective of yourself and those who are close to you.

Hands Resting in Lap

Placing both hands on your lap indicates that you are a shy person, but at the same breath, you are also calm and collected.


You are very assertive. It also means that you love to help those in need – meaning: you are a natural born leader.

Hands Folded in Lap

You are calm and collected. You may not be very good in a crowd, but you are absolutely great in conversations.

Hands Clasped in Lap

This gesture means that you are very passionate on what you do. People are drawn to your charisma. You also have a great sense of humor.

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