4 Types of People on Facebook – Which Group You Belong?

There are different reasons why we use Facebook. With this, oddmenot.com has created these four types of people on the social media and you might see yourself belong to one of these groups.

Relationship Builder

Those who belong to the relationship builder group consider Facebook as an extension of their real life. They see it as a way to fortify their real life relations with friends and family.

When examined why they are on Facebook, this group of people will most probably say that: ‘Facebook aids me to show love to my family and in return it also lets my family express their love for me’.

Town Crier

The ones who belong in this group do not consider Facebook as a platform to connect with their loved ones. The people in this type are more likely to share links of news stories or big broadcast events. To them, Facebook helps them share information to other people.

Selfie Experts

The people in this group think that Facebook is just a platform for self-promotions. Similar to the relationship builders, they are also posting personal stuffs like pictures, statuses, and videos. Nevertheless, unlike the relationship builders, this type of FB users simply want to bring attention to themselves. They are more apprehensive of getting more likes or comments than keeping in touch with loved ones.

Their ultimate goal is to get the best form of themselves out there, even though this form is not completely true to their lives.

Window Shoppers

The people who belong to this type are only using Facebook to observe and watch. They go through people’s profiles to obtain all the information they can as well as to look for old photos or details about those people. They barely post personal details, but they are aware of all the information about the people they are following.

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