12 Creepy Scary Horror Movie Tattoos

12 Creepy Scary Horror Movie Tattoos: Here is the most important, amazing , scary horror tattoos that will inspire you, i am sure you had never see such master pieces that will blow your mind away.Some of these tattoos have got great fans and followers, in fact they may have become viral on social media. Have might pass of your eyes at some point, If not the movies you have watched will surely remind you of these wonderful, incredibly praised pieces of arts and animation.


1 Horror Through out The Ages Sleeve


check some of the great sleeve With scenes from The Exorcist,  Frankenstein,  and  the famouse Van Helsing.This all looks so amazingly beautiful enlarging the scope of horror through the ages (Source)

2 The Exorcist


Craig Holmes  gives this piece which perfectly stands out to be one of the iconic and scary scene of  The Exorcist. A Poster that is mysteriously intriguing . (Source)

3 Re-Animator


Jackie Rabbit has come up with this unbelievable re-animation that looks like coming back to life .I highly admire his animation and hope you will also like this Horror Movie Tattoos.(Source)


4 Halloween

12 Creepy Scary Horror Movie Tattoos

This Horror Movie Tattoos looks to be every one  favourites sanatorium escapee made by one of the master in animation  by artist Peter Tikos. (Source)

5Dead Snow


This master piece of  Dead Snow has got some great piece of  seriously dedicated fans and followers, Check out this guy who made Horror Movie Tattoos on his half side of the body thanks to 2 Face Tattoo. (Source)

6 Classic Horror Tattoo



7 Friday the 13th



8 Evil Dead 2

horror tattoos
9 Child’s Play

10 Horror Movie Tattoos scary monster


11 terrifying  Story Sleeve



12 Pinhead



This was all we could gather, we plan to gather, more incredible tattoos, if you are aware of some, or have tattoos own your body  of type horror and scary we will be more then happy to place it on our website with your name, and profile thanks.

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