The Most Dangerous Sex Positions That You Should Definitely Avoid!

Well, we all love to explore, don’t we? And especially during sex. But one thing that all of us need to know is that not all positions are “fun”. Yes, as shocking as it may sound these dangerous sex positions are more pain than fun and you really need to be careful!

Here are 9 of the most dangerous sex positions that you should definitely avoid!
1. The Doggy style.

Well, with time, this has become the most common and preferred style in the bedroom. but did you know that this has also led to numerous penis fractures? Not only this, if you don’t be careful and enter the vagina at a slightly different angle you will tear the skin.

Most Dangerous Sex Positions

2. 69’ing

As much as fun it may seem to be, it isn’t. A slight slip and you end up getting a black eye (yes boys you!)

Most Dangerous Sex Positions

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