11 Doubles of Stars That Will Make You Look Twice

We here at Oddmenot have felt to realize that people living indifferent corners of the earth can look pretty much identical be they popular or not. You will need to look twice to differentiate between them. Sometimes seeing look a like becomes a great fun too.  Today we bring you a nice compiled set of photos Bollywood stars with their look alike.


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Salman Khan and his look alike

Mr. Bachchan and his look alike from Andhra Pradesh

Arjun Kapoor’s lookalike Hitesh Gwalani

Better than one John Abraham

Here comes two Nawabs

Kannan Pillai gets to live every Rajinikanth fans’ dream

Ranveer Singh and his look alike

Harman and Hrithik

Sachin Tendulkar And his Lookalike

Junaid Shah (Ranbir Kapoor’s lookalike)

Shishir Sharma (Aditya Roy Kapur lookalike)

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