Dry and Cracked Feet Homemade Remedies

Do you suffer from dry, cracked feet? Is the skin on your foot red, scaly, or rough? Do you see cracks in your heels? These are all common symptoms of dry feet.

Unfortunately, many people suffer from different degrees of this condition. Unlike other parts of the body, the skin of the feet does not have sebaceous glands. Instead, sweat glands are the only source of moisture in the feet.

Dry and Cracked Feet Homemade Remedies

Often times, sweat glands alone are not enough to keep the feet humidified. Common causes of dry feet are non-moisturizing soaps, cold weather, low humidity, hot baths, sun exposure, and aging. Dry foot can be very uncomfortable and starts itching and burning. So, do not leave this problem untreated, and try to apply some of these homemade remedies as soon as possible:


  1. Lemon juice. The acid present in the lemons dissolves the dead skin, and that is why it is advisable to soak your feet in the lemon juice for ten minutes. Then use a loofah or a soft foot brush to scrub your foot and remove dry skin.


  1. Olive oil. Moisturizing properties of olive oil can be of great help for dry and cracked skins. Add a few drops of lavender or lemon essential oil to enhance its effects. Combine the selected ingredients in a jar and shake it until a creamier solution forms. Then apply the homemade paste to your dry heels.


  1. Vaseline. The use of Vaseline or other derived products as a moisturizer is very common. It is recommended to apply Vaseline all over your foot, including on top of it and between the fingers. To achieve better results, apply it at night and sleep wearing cotton socks — this will allow Vaseline to penetrate your feet. Do not forget to rinse them in the morning.


  1. Sugar. It is recommended to rub a homemade exfoliating paste with equal parts of olive oil and brown sugar. Massage your skin with this solution, especially the drier parts of your foot. After 10–15 minutes, rinse your foot with cold water.


  1. Honey. The natural honey enzyme can heal your foot and help seal the moisture. It is therefore advisable to soak your feet in warm water with honey. After 10–15 minutes, you will feel your foot softer.


  1. Milk. Milk is rich in vitamin A and other nutrients that contribute to a healthy skin. It also contains lactic acid, which can help eliminate dead skin and promote healthy new cell growth. Make a milk-based bath by combining 5 to 7 cups of warm water for every 1 cup of milk.


  1. Sesame oil. This powerful oil contains vitamin E and three different types of acid. It also has anti-bacterial properties. It is recommended to soak the feet in warm water for 10 minutes and then rub the sesame oil on your feet. It is best to apply this oil the night before bed.


  1. Turmeric/Curcuma. This homemade remedy can leave your foot yellow, but its miraculous results are worth it! This solution is especially powerful for people who have dry feet due to infections such as athlete’s foot. Mix three tablespoons of curcuma powder with a few drops of coconut oil, and then apply it to your feet. Let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash your feet with warm soapy water.


Try these homemade remedies out and your feet will stay soft and healthy.

Based on the materials from Fabbiosa

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