12 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is A Real Keeper And Not A Player

It’s always hard to identify to figure out if your boyfriend is a keeper or a player. Even the signs you get from him, at times it can be complex and you may not know if he is gonna be your soulmate. We all want a good relationship and when it comes to a woman, they need someone who they can trust more than her dad. Here we have got signs that will help you identify if your boyfriend is a keeper or a player.

Here are the 12 signs that prove if your boyfriend is a keeper or a player. Take a look!

1. He remembers the details

A boyfriend who remembers even the small things and dates is usually a keeper. It shows that he cares about everything that you two share and values them.

2. Proud of you

He is not shy to introduce you to his people. He is proud to have you and his actions will prove that.

3. He checks on you/calls you

If he always checks on you and wants to know how was your day and genuinely shows interest, it means he is a real keeper.

4. You feel comfortable to be with his friends

You don’t feel awkward with his friends and you all look like a family.

5. Not a pervert

He is not a pervert and not always naughty in public with you.

6. A true gentleman

He is always courteous to you and behaves like a true gentleman.(Continue reading next page…)

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