10 Things You Should Know About The New IPhone 8 Launching On 12 September

The surgery marks from the kidney you sold to buy the iPhone 7 a few months ago has barely begun to fade and it’s already time for the new iPhone 8. Too bad humans need at least kidney to live. So unless you have pure Aryan genes like Vicky Donor’s along with a penchant for wanking, we are seriously out of suggestions of what you could sell for the new iPhone 8 that launches on 12 September. Rumour has it that the iPhone 8 may not be called the iPhone 8 at all. IPhone Pro, iPhone Edition and iPhone X are some of the tentative rumours for the name. But that’s not the only speculation around it
1. What’s in a name?
New IPhone 8Some people are speculating that the iPhone 8 will be called the iPhone Edition because it’s the anniversary edition iPhone. Even Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited sounds cooler than iPhone Edition. Other rumours suggest it’s going to be called the iPhone X. Why? Because ‘X’ is the roman representation of the number 10, and the new phone marks Apple’s 10th anniversary. Or, it could launch as iPhone Pro, which is just dull AF.
2. The design’s not going to be like anything you have seen before.
New IPhone 8Rumour also has it that the phone is going to get a completely new look and feel. The iPhone 8 is expected to have two layers of glass joined by a metal frame. People are also suggesting that the phone may look like the flagship phones by Samsung or LG. People who used to be rich at one point of time but are still using their iPhone 4s will be happy to know that others are suggesting that Apple may bring back the timeless design of the iPhone 4 with the new launch.
3. There’s no Home Button on the new iPhone.
New IPhone 8The only button the iPhone was left with is going to go too. The iPhone 8 will have a virtual home button under the glass screen. Crack your screen, and you won’t even be able to hit home.
4. The fingerprint sensor goes at the back.
New IPhone 8The fingerprint sensor goes at the back and replaces the Apple logo on the back cover. So those who click mirror selfies of themselves making sure the Apple logo is visible in the picture can now take a break.

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