100 Random Facts Intresting Weird Funny history

Are  you  bore ?  having a bad time, or feeling exhausted . Why not to have a look at some Random Facts  that includes interesting weird funny and historical facts to bring joy on your face. These Random Facts  are also best to divert your mind to words something new giving you a new dimension for thinking. Not only this the random facts i have collected for you contains some valuable information too.

With wasting your time further let have a look at these amazing Random facts you have ever known.  

Random Facts Intresting Weird Funny history

  1. You can have 150 of your calories burnt by Striking head against a wall.
  2. Eating mince pies is banned and considered illegal In the UK, on Christmas Day!
  3. China is the only Country where 100 Million people live on less than $1.
  4. The sweats of hippos turns red when they are upset.
  5. The official language of Israel is both Arabic and Hebrew
  6. Do you know Dolphins not only Recognize themselves in mirrors but also admire themselves.
  7. When it comes social media you would be surprised to know that 347,000 Tweets on twitter are sent every minute.
  8. A flock of crows is known as a murder.
  9. Babies compared to adult have 60 more bones.
  10. In approximately  5,000 years  smallpox is the only disease that has been eradicated.
  11. America was already inhabited by 90 million peoples when discovered by Columbus.
  12. Saliva of your mouth has boiling point of 300C  degree which is three times as that of water!
  13. Cherophobia is the fear of fun.
  14. Dont be surprise to know that the noises of dinosaur in the “Jurassic Park” are actually noises of tortoise sex .
  15. The Roar of a tiger’s is heard from around (3 km).
  16. In China there is Obama Fried Chicken (OFC).
  17. Steve Jobs has never written even  a single line of code.
  18.  “Titanic” movie had higher budget then the Titanic itself.
  19. Monkeys can count.
  20. After every thirteen minutes in United states a woman dies from breast cancer.
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