Top 32 Highest Earning Actors And Actresses Of The World

3. Dwyane Johnson- $64.5 million
Dwayne Johnson, the actor also known as The Rock, successfully made $36 million in the last year.In 2016, with earnings of $64.5 million, he is now the highest-paid actor in the world after his last flicks “Furious8” and “Central Intelligence”


2. Sandra Bullock– $77 million

Sandra Bullock’s deal with Gravity was $20 million up front, then 15% of the movie’s gross after her advance was earned back. She was also guaranteed a percentage of the film. Gravity went on to earn more than $700 million and put an estimated $70-$77 million, in Sandra’s piggy bank.



1. Leonardo DiCaprio- $77 million
Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for “The Revenant.”  and currently is the most dependable and is an A-list actor. His upcoming movies are “Satori” where he plays a trained assassin in post-World War II and “Blood On Snow” where he plays a hitman.


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